Terms Conditions


These General Game Conditions apply to archiboo’s “Awards 2023” (hereinafter referred to as “the Awards”) made available at the relevant website, which is understood to be https://awards.archiboo.com/ (“Awards Website”).

The Awards is open to participants from all countries (“Participating Countries”). The organiser is the company under UK law archiboo (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Sponsor”), with its registered office at 5 Underwood Street, London, N1 7LY, it being understood that the Sponsor’s activities shall be run by the Sponsor.

Within the context of the Awards, awards shall be given away to the winners as selected in accordance with Section Judging Process & Criteria. In order to qualify for a chance to win, participants must comply with the conditions for participating in the Awards.

Award Period: from June 2021 until October 2021


Participation in the Awards is voluntary. Participation takes place by filling in the required details and acceptance thereof by the Sponsor or its affiliates. The date and the time of participation registration must be within the Awards Period stated above. Participation in the Awards means the unconditional acceptance by the participant of these Terms and Conditions, without any reservation or limitation, including each subsequent Sponsor decision relating to this Awards.
Participation in the Awards is not limited. Each entry must provide all information indicated within the submission form.
Participation in the Awards is open only to natural persons residing within the Participating Countries and that are 18 years or older.

During the entire Awards Period, participants must have a valid identification (i.e. passport), and, immediately on request, make a copy thereof available to the Sponsor or its affiliate, and be available for identification thereafter.
Employees of the Sponsor and of all affiliated companies, subsidiaries and advertising/Awards agencies and their immediate family members are barred from participation. Judges (Jury members) and their affiliated companies, subsidiaries and advertising/Awards agencies and their immediate family members are barred from participation within any awards category they are judging.

In order to qualify for participation and to enter the chance to win an award, participants must enter a valid e-mail address, and have paid the associated admin fee for the respective category. Participants are also obliged to furnish all other desired information, failing which participation shall not be possible and/or the award shall not be awarded and not available for collection.

It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they meet the awards deadline. The Sponsor is not obliged to issue refunds to entrants who fail to complete a valid submission ahead of the stated deadline.

The Sponsor reserves the right to amend the deadline date and time at any point.

The Sponsor shall not disclose email information to third parties.

The Sponsor retains the right to reject participants if they do not act in accordance with these General Game Conditions.
Incorrect, illegible, incomplete, late or incorrectly addressed entries shall not be processed. The Sponsor and its affiliates shall not be liable for inadequate entries as a result of errors or technical failures of any nature whatsoever, including a poorly functioning network, hardware or software, irrespective of whether problems arise with the sender or the Sponsor.
The Sponsor retains the right to disqualify entries if the Sponsor is of the opinion that either abuse or conflict with interests of the Promoter exists or aspects of the game are being violated.

In the event one of the provisions stated in these Terms and Conditions is infringed upon, participation shall by operation of law become null and void, possible claims to awards shall lapse and the participant shall be excluded from further participation.


Participants guarantee that they possess all rights and consents required by law that make it possible for the Sponsor and/or its affiliated parties to publish or reproduce material supplied by the participants, whether or not for commercial purposes and in all possible manners, to which the participants expressly grant consent in the broadest sense of the word. The promoter will seek consent for use of any visual and/or text material submitted in connection with the Awards and to the publication of their names and photos in all media for commercial or Awards purposes.

The Sponsor or its affiliate shall collect only those personal details that have been expressly and freely given by the participants in the Awards. The personal details furnished by the participant shall be processed under the responsibility of the Sponsor. The Sponsor shall handle the personal details in accordance with the applicable statutory requirements. These personal details shall not be furnished to third parties without prior consent, except in the event the Sponsor is obliged thereto on the basis of statutory provision or a court decision.

The Sponsor shall use the furnished personal details for this Awards. If participants have given their consent thereto, the Sponsor may also use the personal details to approach participants in writing or digitally or otherwise with information on products and Promotions of Sponsor.


Once all entrants have been submitted to the Awards Website and the deadline has passed an internal Archiboo panel, consisting of at least one employee, will be responsible for producing a shortlist. These entries, to the extent compliant with these General Game Conditions, will be submitted to a judging panel of industry professionals (the “Jury”)).

Please note that the internal Archiboo panel and Jury will be assessing work in the English language. Participants can submit non-English entries into any category, however if a criteria for scoring is based on quality of written language or spoken word then these will then be scored a “0” or “null” by default.


Only participants that meet all conditions shall qualify for the available awards.

The Sponsor shall announce to the award winner(s) on the ceremony night in October, and then notified via email.
Participants of the Awards that receive a message that they have won must reply within three (3) working days of dispatch of the relevant message and be able to show that they have met all conditions, failing which the Sponsor retains the right to designate a runner-up as winner and shall proceed therewith.

The winner must identify himself/herself immediately upon request in order to be awarded.

The award is company-related and therefore non-transferrable and also not convertible for money or another type of compensation, unless the Sponsor independently decides thereto.

In the event of a dispute between a participant and the Sponsor, correspondence shall be sent to the owner of the e-mail account linked to the participation entry.

If a winner cannot be reached at all or in due time for any reason whatsoever, the right to the award shall lapse and the Sponsor shall proceed with awarding to one of the so-called runners-up.


The Sponsor, the enterprises affiliated with it, the agents whose services have been engaged by the Sponsor or third parties cannot be held liable for any actions ensuing from this Awards and the damage and/or loss ensuing therefrom to the extent such exclusion is permitted by law.

To the extent any liability of the Sponsor, or its affiliates, can not be excluded by law, this liability shall never relate to any damage and/or loss other than direct damage and/or loss. The Sponsor and its affiliates shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to indirect, special, incidental, consequential damage and/or loss, which are hereby expressly excluded.

The Sponsor and its affiliates are not liable for non-entries, damaged, incomplete, late or incorrectly addressed entries due to transfer errors or technical failures of any nature whatsoever, including the faulty functioning of a network, hardware, software, etc.

The Sponsor, its affiliates, or the systems administrator of the Sponsor and/or of its affiliates is not liable for its systems being violated (hacking) as a result of which specific information of or concerning the participants becomes known to third parties.

In the event fraud or manipulation is suspected, the Sponsor or its affiliates can also report to the competent authorities without further announcement.

The Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The Sponsor and participants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

The Sponsor retains the right to stop the Awards and/or to prematurely amend these General Game Conditions of the Awards at any time without stating reasons. In that case, an amended version of the General Game Conditions of the Awards shall be placed as quickly as possible on the relevant Awards Website, stating the date of the amendment.

Complaints regarding the Awards can be addressed to 5 Underwood Street, London, N1 7LY.