Best Use of Social Media

We are looking for practices for whom social media is an integral part of its content mix and used to communicate, connect and engage with others - not simply as a platform for promotion and marketing. We want to see striking content that has a strong personality that fairly represents the tone of the brand. We want to know what sets you apart and how you’re keeping up with social media trends such as Instagram Stories, live streaming and video.

Machteld Kors

Director of Communications at UNStudio, Machteld joined the practice in 1998 and oversees the studio’s business development, PR activities, digital communication, internal knowledge sharing and new business ventures. In 2018, Machteld played a key role in launching and developing UNStudio’s sister Arch Tech company, UNSense.

Ben Storey

Ben Storey is Director of Marketing for Archiboo, and Founder of Digital Storey. In his 9 years of consultancy he has worked with the likes of Sony, AMD, Gett, Yelp and Amazon, as well as a range of startups across Europe. 

Jessica Gregson

As a partner in Subsector, Jessica helps businesses communicate clearly with customers in retail environments, live experiences, social media, digital channels and advertising, using the N2D Method which Subsector originated. She has worked with global brands such as Disney, Microsoft, Levi’s, Stella Artois and PlayStation.

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