The Alan Davidson Award

Alan Davidson pioneered the art of architectural visualisation and Hayes Davidson, which he set up in 1989, was the first studio dedicated to producing computer-generated imagery for architectural studios. From the outset Hayes Davidson’s imagery changed the way people perceived architecture. Alan died in 2018 from Motor Neuron Disease and with the support of the Alan Davidson Foundation, this Award has now been re-named in his memory.

Judges are looking for visualisations that immerse the viewer and tell a story allowing for more informed and richer conversations about the built environment. The visualisation must relate to a real project.  Finally, we would like to know how the architect’s vision has been interpreted and understood. 

The Award is open to practices and architectural visualisation studios. Images must be available to view online.

The submitted imagery must have been created within 2019-2020.

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Entry Fee: Free


Impact Does the image have an immediate impact? Does it make you want to know more?
Mood Does the visualisation have character and is it distinctive?
Clarity Is the visualisation helping to inform or explain a project, for example to planners and stakeholders?
Technology Is the studio playing with techniques and varying the representation?


  • Roger Black

    Roger is an award-winning strategic and creative director in real-estate development. He has had long association with Ballymore and was co-founder of PegasusLife.

  • Ben Davies

    Ben  co-founded The Neighbourhood, a creative communications agency and now works as a consultant to various creative companies. He recently joined Hayes Davidson as a Non-Exec Board Director.

  • Nick Taylor

    Nick is Co-Founder and Creative Director at Squint/Opera. He specialises in visualising large masterplans, and complex public projects.

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